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The Smart Globalization Initiative informs the way American policy-makers approach global economic integration and the American economy. Its overriding goal is to make globalization work better for the economy by advancing a competitiveness and economic growth agenda that seeks to rebuild America's productive middle-class and re-balance the global economy.

The Initiative puts forward policy proposals for advancing the competitiveness of American-based businesses, for preventing the unfair trade and industrial practices of neo-mercantilist economies, and for putting the U.S and emerging economies on the path to mutually reinforcing productivity revolutions and mutually rising living standards.

Leo Hindery, Jr., Chairman, Smart Globalization Initiative
Steven Clemons, Co-Director, Smart Globalization Initiative
Sherle R. Schwenninger, Co-Director, Smart Globalization Initiative
Samuel Sherraden, Policy Analyst, Economic Growth Program


Jobs and the New Growth Agenda

by Michael Lind

President Obama’s December 3rd jobs summit has drawn attention to the debate over policy options for job creation. The case for intelligent and aggressive public policy to promote job creation, in addition to the helpful but inadequate stimulus package, is overwhelming. The official unemployment rate is currently 10.2 percent, and rises to 17.5 percent when marginally attached workers and those working part-time out of necessity are included.

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Policymakers Beware: Falling $US and Undervalued Yuan a Recipe for Disaster

by Thomas Palley

China has been a major beneficiary of America's strong-dollar policy, to which it wedded its own "weak yuan" policy. As a result, China's trade surplus with the US rose from $US83 billion in 2001 to $US258 billion in 2007, just before the recession.

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Recent Work

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Jared Bernstein, Chief Economist and Economic Policy Advisor to the Vice President, gives the keynote address at the Third Schwartz Economic Symposium, "The Jobs Deficit."

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