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Economic Growth Program

Debating America's Growth Strategy

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In response to the State of the Union, our experts set forth their ideas for promoting employment and long-run economic growth.

A 'Jobs First' Growth Strategy

by Leo Hindery, Jr.

"Let me just say that the only measure that matters is real employment, and right now we are mired in a jobless recovery."

The Pillars of Economic Transformation

by James K. Galbraith

"The victims of the actual crisis were invisible. The unemployed. The involuntarily retired. The underwater, the foreclosed, and about-to-be-foreclosed."

What is Right and Wrong with the President's Innovation Agenda

by Robert Atkinson

"There is much to like about the Administration's agenda. Never before has a President made such an articulate and forceful statement in support of U.S. innovation and innovation policy."

The Centrality of Manufacturing to America's Future Prosperity

by Bruce Stokes

"In the State of the Union, the president said to achieve a better future 'we can't just stand still.' But movement, for the sake of movement, will not necessarily lead to progress. The direction Washington takes is important."

Innovation Policy

by Michael Mandel

"We need to have a way of keeping our regulatory structure lean and mean. Right now we have a good system for adding regulations, but no mechanism for reducing or repairing them."