Economic Growth Program

Promoting Widespread and Balanced Global Growth

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Beyond the Low Wage Social Contract

Joshua Freedman and Michael Lind look at the history of and problems with the "Low Wage Social Contract" and offer a middle-income solution.

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Tug-of-War Economic Policy

The lack of fiscal policy support has put the entire onus of economic recovery on the Federal Reserve, an arrangement that brings with it a high risk of negative consequences, argues Sherle R. Schwenninger.

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A Bridge to a Tri-Polar World Economy

Jay Pelosky lays out a roadmap for repairing America's broken economic growth model while helping stabilize the global economy.

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Expanded Social Security

Rather than cutting Social Security, Michael Lind, Robbie Hiltonsmith, Steven Hill, and Joshua Freedman propose a two-part expansion of the program.

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The Case for Wage-Led Growth

The world economic crisis is the culmination of a longstanding worldwide low wage regime, argues Jeff Madrick, yet policymakers continue to fail to recognize the importance of wages for sustainable economic growth.



New America’s Economic Growth Program aims to chart a growth path through the post-bubble world economy by advancing pro-growth policy reforms and bringing innovative solutions to the forefront of public debate. The program strives to promote a more balanced pattern of domestic and international growth that creates a stronger productive economy capable of supporting rising living standards for all Americans.



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Sherle R. Schwenninger, director of the Economic Growth Program, discusses the problems facing the Federal Reserve and an economy that relies too heavily on monetary policy with Anne-Marie Slaughter and the Washington Post's Ylan Mui.

Saving Capitalism with a New Fordism
Michael Lind, policy director of the Economic Growth Program, argues that economic institutions need to be redesigned to ensure that service sector workers are able to drive the middle class.

Moving Past The Low-Wage Social Contract
Joshua Freedman, policy analyst in the Economic Growth Program, makes the case for why the low-price, low-wage model has left most workers behind.

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